Ways to Learn to Play Guitar Without Reading Music
      The vast majority of guitarists learn to play guitar without reading music. That doesn't mean that they disregard the basic principles of music, for instance learning chords and basic scale patterns but it just means that they will pick things up by ear as opposed to reading it from musical score.
      In a way this can be quite a good thing as it gives a guitarist the chance to really express himself rather than become robotic, which reading from musical sheets can sometimes encourage.
You can sometimes spot a guitarist who has been musically trained because everything about there setup and playing is almost metronomic and although it may be note perfect it just lacks feeling.
      So, one way to learn to play guitar without the need to read music is to pick a simple song that you like and learn the chord structure. This can be done in a variety of ways such as listening to the song and trying to pick out chord sounds by ear, trying to find video footage of either the original artist or someone covering the song and picking up the chords from them by watching. Alternatively you could search for the guitar tab.
      All these methods will allow you to learn guitar without reading music and the internet is full of these kinds of resources that you can either pay for or just spend hours looking for if you have the time.
      To really stretch your creative juices you could just pick up some chords that you like and have a go at writing your own simple song. I still play one of the very first songs that I wrote and I'm always a little surprised at how fresh it sounds because it was completely original as at that stage I couldn't play any other songs and so it had none of the influences that my songs now have.
      Watching video tutorials is a great way to learn guitar if you are a beginner. There are plenty of resources to show beginners how to play easy guitar songs too.