Learn to Play Bass Guitar With These Fundamentals
      Before you begin to learn to play bass guitar, there are a few things that you need to know about this wonderful instrument. The bass guitar is one of the most rhythmic instruments that can only be appreciated by those who understand music and know the importance that it holds in a concerto. It would help if you were to take some time out to understand the features of the bass guitar.
      In addition to this, if you want to learn to play bass guitar, you will need to know some of the common terminologies that are used. Another important point is to understand the manner in which you should place your fingers to play the right notes.
Know your Bass Guitar
      Just as in a regular guitar, the bass guitar consists of the body, the pegs used for tuning, head-stock, neck and nut. The body of the bass guitar is attached to the neck, which is essentially the long, thinner area of the guitar. This is the part that has the strings along with the frets. It is held by the hand that is not strumming the guitar.
      The head-stock of the guitar is furthest from the body and is at the other side of the neck of the guitar. It is at the head-stock that you will be able to see pegs that are used for tuning. The nut is a small part of the bass guitar that is located at the center of the head-stock and the neck. The four strings of the bass guitar are arranged starting with E. This is the thickest string. It ends with G, the thinnest string. String A and D are located in the middle.
Bass Guitar Terms
      If you want to learn to play bass guitar, you will need to know the specific terms used in the videos you may watch. Fretting is a term that is used to describe the act of catching 2 strings of the bass guitar and leaving them together. This is done in order to create specific note. When you learn to play bass guitar, you will understand that there is a right manner to do this. You need to place the thumb behind the neck and ensure that your fingers are in an angle over the fret board. You can also pluck the strings. This is something that can be done when you pluck a string to make a specific note. Many guitarists use a pick in order to pluck, but some prefer to use their fingers.
The First Notes when you Learn to Play Bass
      When you learn to play bass guitar, you will need to know how to hold the guitar in the right manner. For those who are right handed guitar players, the neck and the head-stock should be placed toward the left. The densest string should be at the top and the thinnest one should be at the lower end. By simply plucking the strings E, A, D and G you will be able to check out the note that they make. This kind of playing is called 'open'.
      Once you have figured out the basics, you can start to learn to play bass guitar, but do remember that you should have fun while playing if you want to ensure that you keep at it till you master the bass guitar.
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