How to Learn Bass Guitar - Options and Tips
      With the Internet you will find the goal to learn bass guitar much easier, as there are so many new methods offered by the Internet. There are videos for instance which will show you firsthand how to learn bass guitar, and many of these you can even watch for free and do not have to pay for so you can learn bass guitar free.
      Regardless of which method you choose to use to learn bass guitar, here are a few tips that you will find very helpful. For one, before you even try to hold the instrument at all, you are going to need to understand how you are supposed to hold your arms and hands. You need to hold your right arm straight out so that it is parallel to the ground, and release all of the muscles in your hand. Take a look at your hand and notice the positions that your fingers are in.
      This is basically the way that you are going to need to hold your fingers when you are holding the guitar. Now you want to bring your hand to a flat, hard surface, making sure that you keep your forearm parallel to the ground the entire time. Place your index and middle fingers on the flat, hard surface so that only the fingertips of your index and middle fingers are on the tabletop and both fingertips are touching each other.
      Now you can move on and actually start holding the guitar. You will want to place your right thumb on the E string of your bass guitar to learn bass guitar, and make sure that it is midway between the end of the fingerboard and the pickups.
      These are just the most basic tips to help get you started, and if you want to become a really advanced bass guitar player, you will need to practice, practice, practice. The more often you play, the more skills you will learn and the better bass player you will become. Especially if you are interested in joining a band or otherwise playing bass professionally for instance, you will need to be practicing all the time.