Bass Guitar Scales
      Learning bass guitar scales can vastly improve how well you play bass guitar. Scales are the core of music and bass playing, they are like the road map for your music. They tell you which notes work together as well as which chords work well in a chord progression.
      There are also many other benefits to spending some time learning bass guitar scales. These include using them to warm up your hands and finger before playing. Warming up properly before you play is important as it can help to prevent injury as well as preventing your hands from aching after you have been playing for a long period of time.
      First you should learn is the C major bass guitar scale as this is the foundation of music theory. The C major scale has not sharps or flats and contains the notes C, D, E, F, G, A, B and C. Practise playing the C scale until you know the pattern really well. Once you know it you instantly unlock every other major scale on your bass. Let me explain...
      By taking the C major scale you can move that finger pattern and move it to any other starting note to give you that scale. For example taking the finger pattern and moving it to start on a D note will give you a D major scale, moving it to an E note will give you a E major scale and so on.
      So hopefully you can now see why learning scales is simple once you know how. You just have to learn one of your bass guitar scales and you instantly can play all of them. This same formula works for all bass scales and is easy to learn.