Learn to Play Guitar Chords - 3 Simple Steps
      So you have you have decided to learn to play the guitar! You may be sitting there, with a note book and a guitar in hand, wondering how exactly you should go about doing this.

      1. Patience is a virtue! As frustrating as it may be to learn all those chords and chord transitions, you are going to need patience. When you start getting frustrated, put the guitar down for awhile, and continue later in the day or the next day.
      2. Start off by learning basic open chords like C,G,A and D. There is plenty of guides you can find online or at music shops that will help you along. They may take some time to learn, but stick with it, practice every day, and make sure you can play them easily before moving on to chord transitions.
      3. Look for some of your favorite song tabs and try to play them. Try to start off with some of the easier songs and move your way up. Try to play the song and play along with it as best you can. I know this may be difficult at first and may sound horrible but after awhile you will be able to play along with ease.
      So there you have some of the steps that will help you learn guitar chords. It really is all about the dedication and patience you have, if you get frustrated as everyone has at some point, just take a break and continue another day. As they say, Rome was not built in a day! As with learning to play guitar, you will not learn overnight, but if you stay dedicated, then you will be playing like a pro in no time!
      My name is John Amherst and as a child i had always wanted to learn how to play guitar. Other children wanted to be a fireman or a policeman...not me, i wanted to be a rock star! But for some reason, i never took lessons and just kept putting it off. Recently i took advantage of an extended holiday from work and decided to dedicate myself to learn how to play guitar. Now i am playing in a local band every weekend and loving life!
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