Bass Covers - Keeping Your Bass Guitar Safe at All Times
      Transporting your bass can be a real problem. You can easily avoid the potential pit falls by using a proper fitting cover. There are two primary types to choose from and within those types is an entire range of styles that are also available.
      Bass covers can protect your investment from scratches and other damages. They are well worth the investment of purchasing one. A good rule of thumb is to purchase the cover as soon as you purchase the bass this way you are sure to have it on hand.
      You can find bass covers is a hard shell cover. These covers are perfect if you plan on traveling quite a bit with your instrument. These covers are usually easy to carry and provide the most durable protection for your instrument.
      These types of covers usually have a hinged lid that is secured using fasteners the bass sits in the case snugly so that it does not bounce around while being transported.
      These types of covers come in a wide range of colors and finishes. With the most popular finish being leather.
      On these types of covers you will usually have several carrying options you will have handles that can be grasped and carried like a pocket book and you will also have shoulder strap options as well.
      There are usually monogram options so that you can personalize your own. This makes the bass easily recognizable as your own and is perfect for identification purposes.
      There are soft cover options as well. These options are lighter than their hard cover cousins. These type of bass covers are lighter than the hard cover counterparts and are usually of a one size fits all type.
      The covers can be made from many different materials but usually materials that have a little give to them are used so that they can be manipulated around the bass without tearing.
      These are light weight options and also can be monogrammed but usually are embroidered where as the hard covers are either etched or imprinted.
      This option is usually less expensive than the hard cover option, but it is also less durable than the bass covers that have a hard outer shell.
      Bass covers are a necessary piece of equipment that makes transporting your instrument as well as storing it an easy option.