Learn to Play Guitar Fast - Working on Your Guitar Playing Speed
      When you learn how to play guitar, working on your speed is an important element of being able to play at many different tempos and with greater accuracy. You can improve your speed and accuracy when learning to play guitar by going through a series of exercises at varying speeds. These could be scales, a favourite solo, arpeggios or a song of your own creation that you can play at different speeds.

      Start off slow, and make sure you can accurately place your fingers where they need to be. As you're picking at a slow pace, you will notice that you are holding the pick quite lightly, and that as you increase speed, your grip on the pick will increase greatly, causing tension in your forearm.
      To combat this, try to vary the way you hold your pick at higher velocities, or angle your hand a little, or whatever works the best for you that will enable you to play faster and looser while still holding onto that all-important accuracy. Similarly, with your fretting hand, you will need to train your hands to move fluidly without hurting yourself. After all, learning to play guitar with aching arms and sweat pouring from you ain't all that great a way to learn anything at all!
      When you are learning guitar, it's all a case of starting off slow and building up with each attempt at your material. You will fail a few times, you will play in a messy way that doesn't sound good. However, you will soon discover that your skills are improving.
      Stick with it and keep on practising, and the results will speak for themselves as you watch your speed improve. Try having a go at learning to play guitar fast along with a metronome or click track at various speeds and see where you need to work on your guitar playing the most.
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