Are Your Fingers Too Fat To Play Guitar?
      So you've bought and decided to learn to play guitar. You get home, sit down, and start trying to play. Uh oh , what's that? Your fingers are too fat to play the guitar? So now you gonna let your investment and stubby fingers get the best of you? If you decided you wanted to play guitar and were serious about that choice then you should have the determination to get passed having wider fingers.

      First of all, anyone can play the guitar. Yes, anyone, even you. Just because you think your fingers are too fat to play guitar shouldn't get in your way. People have done it before you, and will keep on doing it after you learn. Look at Roy Clark. This country music musician, who so happens to have short fat fingers, not only plays country guitar but the banjo and classical guitar among several other instruments.
      So where to start? From the beginning like everyone else. There is no formula or special technique to learn. The only way to get past it is practice, practice, practice. Sure, it may be discouraging at first. Eventually through time and practice your fingers will become accustomed to playing and may even slim down some.
      Now, at the beginning, your fingers will soft as your not accustomed to playing the guitar yet. Because of this softness, when you press on a string it may seem to press up into the tip of your finger allowing excess skin to deaden another string. This will happen until you begin to create callouses on your fingertips. The callouses being a harder surface than your normal flesh will not sink down around the string as they are now without it.
      However, when you are in the market for a guitar, take into account the width of the neck. A classical acoustic guitar normally has a thicker and wider neck as apposed to a electric guitar. One trick that can be done is take a 12 string guitar and remove the octave strings to convert it to a 6 string, allowing more fingering room.
      Lastly, check how your gripping the neck. If you are resting your palm of the left hand on the back of the neck try adjusting your thumb against the middle of the back of the neck. This will help pull more of your fingers towards the top of the neck and aid in stretching and fingering the strings with your fingertips.
      So next time you think your fingers are too fat to play guitar, just remember all you gotta do is put your mind to it and practice. When they say anyone can play guitar they mean anyone...including you.
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